ebCARD Testimonials

ebCARD sounds like a cunning invention. It gets pretty tiresome to type the same information again and again.

It's things like ebCARD and the companies that make them which are those rare motors of improvement on the Internet. While most of the technology to be found is about intruding on people with unsolicited advertising, ebCARD and similar make it easier for people to willfully work on the Internet.

Keep up the good work.
Edmund Horner, New Zealand

This is a very good idea! I appreciate such an inovation. It will make filling out forms much easier and more pleasant for my guests.
Patrick D Duguay, USA.

The ebCARD is indeed useful for me and for everyone. EVERYONE SHOULD GET ONE!!!!!
Guillermo Montt, Chile.

I really like the ebCARD. I hate typing and this is so convenient, it is great.
God bless all of you who worked on this.
Terry Boyce, Canada.
Sounds Too Good to be true! But its true! AWSOME!!!!
Bryan Lee, USA
about time some one thought of this!!! These are the kind of great ideas we need on the net. Keep up the good work and thankyou! for letting me use this great utitlity!!
comment from USA.
Cool Idea, I'm glad someone finally came up with it :)
comment from USA.
Nice idea,hope that it proves useful. I'll send more comments after I've used the ebCARD. Ok, now that I've had the oportunity to use it once, I still think that it is a good idea. I'll look forward to using it frequently in the future. Good luck with the patent. P.S. Is it a public company? If so, what is the symbol?
comment from USA.
I would like to thank you very much! it's very easy to do this, and i appreciate...
Hugo Bezerra
cool and very practical :)
comment from USA.
comment from USA.
great idea! except i missed the instructions for saving the 1st time! But it now works, and this is wonderful! Thanks to Robin's site for showing the way to ebcard...
comment from USA.
Great idea,I hope alot of sites start to use this card
comment from USA.
I like this idea alot!!!! I'm fed up whith typing my name & adress, ....... ..... so this is just about as close to a perfect solution as you can get!
Tor Sverre Lund, Norway.
I think the ebcard is a neato idea, it'll save me a lot of time online
Kristen Schnetzler, USA
Very good! Hope for fast spreading.
Tobias Giesen, Germany.
I hope that this is as cool as I think it will be, I've seen this card icon everywhere. This should save me a lot of time. Wow it was very easy...
Matthew Ashbuagh, USA.
That ebcard thing is easy if you understand how to use it. But i think it's all together way kewl! Thanx for having something like this on the net for people to use!
Jessica Lawton, USA.
I have seen my friends use it and I find it is very easy to use and resourcful
Sabrina from USA.
This sure does make things a whole hell of alot easier. thanx@!!
Kaley Wallis from USA.

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